Athletic Forms (2018-19 forms now available)

All athletes are required to have the following forms on file in the Athletic Department prior to attending any conditioning, try-outs, or practices:

  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Florida High School Athletic Association Rules on Recruiting and Financial Aid.

  • The official FHSAA EL2 – Physical form (Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation).
    Signed by student and parent on page 1, and physical examination completed by a physician and signed on page 2.

  • The official FHSAA EL3 – Form
    Must be signed on all four (4) pages by both student and parent.

  • Student-Athletes must also watch a video on concussions, one on heat illness, and one on sudden cardiac arrest prior to the first day of practice/try-outs.   A certificate at the end of each course will be issued and that certificate must to brought into the Athletic Office or sent as an attachment in an email to  
    This video needs to be watched each year AFTER June 1st.

  • The official FHSAA GA04 Form (only for new to LCS 9 - 12 grade students, not current students).  This form requires notarization of the parent's signature(s).

Athletes must undergo a physical evaluation each year and must be certified as being physically fit for participation in interscholastic athletic practice or competition before being allowed an opportunity for such participation.

This annual physical evaluation must be administered either by a licensed physician, a licensed osteopathic physician, a licensed chiropractic physician, a licensed physician assistant or a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner, and shall be valid for a period not to exceed one calendar year from the date of the practitioner’s signature.



All LCS students are covered under a student accident policy. Your child is covered during school hours and school-sponsored and supervised activities after school hours.

This includes all interscholastic sports. A brochure describing the plan can be found under Parent Resources.

The student accident policy is an EXCESS ONLY plan.

Claims must be filed with your personal carrier first and then with the school’s carrier.

If you have no other health insurance, then the policy will be the primary payer on your claim. 

The benefits are limited and not designed to pay all the medical expenses incurred.